Academic Research Assistance in Portugal/Europe



For: Teachers, Authors, Students, Researchers, Journalists
Topics: Historical&Social Sciences

Doing some investigation that require checking sources in Portugal (or the rest of Europe, if needed)?

We have a background on Journalism and Archaeology, and we offer our services as independent library and academic researchers (focusing on historical and social sciences), assisting scientific, literary or journalistic endeavours, with access to the major public and private libraries and archives in Portugal, or other parts of Europe if conditions are met.

We also do web research, writing and translation from Portuguese, which could be of help to teachers, authors or researchers studying:

  • Current European Affairs
  • Medieval/Modern/Contemporary Europe,
  • the Age of Discovery
  • Islamic presence in the Iberian Peninsula, or
  • The Roman Empire, Antiquity and Pre-History in Western Iberia

Our fees are at Portuguese level, which means they are quite affordable for North American or European standards, even for students. We have no fixed price list and each case is special and negotiable. We are committed to the values and methods of science and the virtues of the honest pursuit of knowledge.

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